PyScript + p5.js

Does seem okay now I’ve posted :slightly_smiling_face:

Apparently the hekin’ bot hates me :joy:

What format did you use for that link? I haven’t seen a preview like that for any links I’ve tried to use.

Oh dear @Ben_Alkov - i wonder if it’s something to do with browser/platform differences between what you and I are using, but this does seem kind of unexpected.

I posted that from my mobile, Google Pixel 6 running latest Chrome.

In terms of the link format, it was simply pasted unaltered as i got it from Github, but it is on a line all to itself (blanks above & below; unsure if that has an impact)

This is what it looks like in the editor:

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Derp. Trust Level issue; I’ve since graduated :joy:

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Hi, gentlemen,
I was enjoying the discussion here. Before, I made some examples for pyp5js. But I have the feeling that all can be done better by the ways you were discussed. My first attempt is Samegame, where I have struggled with create_proxy mouse and keyboard callbacks. Thank you, it seems we have discovered the winning strategy. My gist (files samegame.html and you can see here:
If you like to post it to pyscript/pyscript-collective, you are free to make so. I have no patience with tests and the like :frowning:

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