Plan for some packages on arm64?

Does conda-forge have plan to make the packages widely used for pulsar astronomers available on arm64 for these software: tempo2, libstempo, psrchive, dspsr?

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dear hengxu.

Thank you for your contribution to the anaconda community.

Currently, we are continuing to support packages for DataScience, starting with Pandas, as they are compatible with Apple’s MacM1 and MacM2.

However, if it is for a specific use, it is supported by Enterprise, and if it is for Individual, it is individually supported by “pip install ”.

If in the future NRAO, NASA, ESA, ESO, JAXA, NAO, ROSCOSMOS, CSA, ISA and other space agencies inquire about using Anacoda packages, packages in the field of astrophysics may also be of interest.

However, those space agencies have professionally trained scientists and engineers who create their own “Python Packages” and other tools, often available on OpenSource.

In other words, in the case of people in specialized fields, they create their own packages, and education is also provided based on them.

Conversely, if there are needs in the field of education and needs from students, I think Anaconda can handle them.

Therefore, if there are many needs from Anaconda users, I think that there will be more support and correspondence in the future.

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Dear ktsh.tanaka.2020,

Thank you for your reply and lots of very useful information. And I wonder if I could find these guy who created these packages on anaconda I mention in this topic, then I could ask help from them, maybe I could help make these packages on arm64 platform and make some contribution to this community if they are too busy for testing these software on new platform. For example, I could only find tempo2 on conda-forge (, however not able to see who created this package. Actually, I had talked with the authors of tempo2 whether they are maintaining the corresponding package on anaconda, and they said no and suggested me “ask the conda package maintainers”, so I’m here troubling you about how to find these maintainers. Thanks a lot!

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