Pip install pyautogui error

when i try to input the code “pip install pyautogui” to install it,

it shows “error” like attached picture.

Please let me know what i should do to fix.

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dear hakwon_kim.

Thank you for your posting.

The reason is simple.
Earlier, it was installed with the option to select system Python, so the python package installed with the pip command will be installed in the system side site-package.

In that state, when Anaconda’s Jupyter is started, Anaconda’s Jupyter searches scite-package on the anaconda directory. However, as I wrote earlier, it doesn’t exist there. Therefore, an error will occur.

To solve this problem,
pip unistall pyautogui
after running
conda install -c conda-forge pyautogui
will install pyautogui on the Anaconda side.

Regards, you.