NEWBY - I want to use mplstereonet in a program

I am new to Python and Jupyter notebook. I want to use mplstereonet, see (mplstereonet: Docs, Tutorials, Reviews | Openbase), but can’t import or install it. I have tried using:

pypi i mplstereonet as per the webpsage link
import mplstereonet
import mplstereonet as mpl
install mplstereonet

I would greatly appreciate some guidance regarding how to install or import it.

Thank you in advance.

dear Rick_Walker.

Thank you for your contribution to the anaconda community.

Describes how to install mplsteronet.
First, open the command line of your OS and type

conda activate

So you can use the anaconda environment.

After that, execute the following command on the command prompt.

conda install -c conda-forge mplstereonet

After this, it will be displayed on the command line, but if YES/NO is displayed at the end, the connection with the repository is successful, so select YES there.

Then, after the installation is complete, create the necessary scripts, run them, and you should be good to go.

Best regards.

Thank you very much for the prompt reply.

Very much appreciated!