Need a basic getting started guide

I installed the latest version of Anaconda. I fired up Spyder and immediately ran into trouble with error dialogs. I couldn’t even run the starting tutorial without an error.

You have missing dependencies (jedi blah blah blah)
Please install them to avoid this message

Incompatible Sphinx version or doc string decoding failed
could not import extension

Certainly I should be able to run the included tutorial out of the box. As a (now retired) computer professional working in a critical industry (electric utility) I long ago learned that you never give the user an error message without also giving them information on how to fix it. What I have here is pretty much “You have an error and you are on your own.”

At the very least there should be a sample script that can be run to verify that the installation works without further tinkering.

I should point out that because I am hearing impaired I cannot understand the online video presentations. My poor hearing with narrators with thick accents (and auto-generated captioning with many errors) makes them useless.

Please, is there a getting started guide that actually works? Hopefully one that does not use overly complex examples.

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from ktsh.tanaka.2020 to Reverend_Jim
Nice to meet you.

It seems that you are in great trouble, so I will give you some simple advice. It seems that you are looking for a user guide, so we will provide you with the URL.

For the tutorial, please refer to the following URL.

Also, for Help and support, please refer to the following URL.

That’s all, but if you write down the version of your OS and Anaconda, you can ask questions on StackOverflow, GeeksToGeek, etc., and I think you can get a quick answer.

Regards, you.

Did you try the workaround mentioned here:

pip install -U sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml`

That might work for you...