Issue while extracting and creating "img2webp.exe" from "libwebp-1.2.4-h2bbff1b_0" package

Hi ,

I have created new environment in anaconda version 4.10. and installing packages, while installing package, I have got error while extracting “img2webp.exe” from “libwebp-1.2.4-h2bbff1b_0” package.

looks like “img2webp.exe” is not found or having some issues with that file.

I tried to extract the same from windows command prompt and has the issue while extracting “img2webp.exe” from “libwebp-1.2.4-h2bbff1b_0” package.

I am using anaconda ver 4.10.3 on windows 11.

Please let me know how to get this resolved? Can I proceed with the error?