Installation of Anaconda3 on Windows 8.1 fails and "stucks" my PC


I downloaded (1 week ago) Anaconda Distribution “Anaconda3-2022.05-Windows-x86_64.exe” and tried to install on a PC ASUS model N76VZ, Intel Core i7-3630QM 64-bits CPU, MS-Windows 8.1.

After extracting files, installation stops at “Setting Base Environment” stage. Even worse: the screen freezes, cursor, mouse and keyboard stop. The only way to get out of this state is to restart the computer manually (by hitting power button >5s).

I’ve made several checks and tests trying to solve/understand what happens:

  • tried to remove all files and reinstall, by trying all installing options: “just me/all users”, chosen different locations for “anaconda3” folder, path variable yes/not, …

  • created a new user (admin and normal) on the PC and launched installation from this new user

  • restored Windows at a “clean” state (I did set it before starting anaconda installation)

  • tried to install Miniconda instead

  • nothing found in MS-Windows events (Windows Event Viewer)

All attempts fail : the PC always stucks at “Setting Base Environment” stage.

I was not able to find anything on the web about this trouble, nor on this forum. Maybe someone could tell me what happens and/or has a solution ?

Thank you in advance

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nice to meet you.

The problem you encountered is due to the OS version.
There are some differences between windows 8.1 and windows 10.

Basically, the Anaconda installation program is now directly compatible with windows 10 as of 2022FY.

The cause is that the registry management is different, which is the file management system of windows.

If you install anaconda on windows8.1, you can install it with anaconda2018 --anaconda2020 without any problem.


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Hi ktsh.tanaka.2020

Version 2020.07 failed, but 2018.12 succeded.

Installation of Tensorflow and Keras on a new environment was ok, too.

Once the installation completed, I declined the suggestion by Anaconda to upgrade to a newer version. Not sure whether this was good or not (?)

Anyway, I can now start with neural networks, hopefully without further problems.

Thank you very much, regards

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