Inclusion of brotlipy in Anaconda 2021.11

I noticed that the brotlipy package is included in the Anaconda 2021.11 distribution. This package will not work together with the brotli-python package, and according to pypi, brotlipy has not been updated since 2017, so I believe the brotli-python package is more up-to-date. Would it be possible to remove the brotlipy package from the Anaconda distribution or work with any package authors to migrate their packages to use the brotli-python package instead?

I can’t speak to the packaging policy, but perhaps you want to try using cramjam? It is standalone, with no dependencies of its own, and often has better performance.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - we’ll look into it further to determine whether we should drop brotlipy from the next Anaconda Individual Edition installer release.