How to update anaconda python39 package

The latest anaconda python39 package is and it is built by gcc7.5.0. I find using gcc9.3.0 to rebuild it will bring some improvement and python 3.10.0 also uses the GCC9. So can I update this python-3.9.7 with GCC9 and upload it to “” and how can I do it?

If you’ve installed the full Anaconda distribution, there’s a package called “anaconda”. This package is usually preventing you from making significant changes by pinning packages versions for a long list of packages. However, you can use --no-pin when doing conda install to ignore it.

Alternatively, you can remove the anaconda package, but be sure to use the --force flag:

conda activate some-env
conda remove --force anaconda

The --force flag should ensure only the anaconda package is removed.

Thanks a lot. But I mean I’d like to publish a new built python39 package to I have no idea whether I have access to do that and how to do that.

In that case, I think you should post something here: