Holtwinters ExponentialSmoothing boxcox Error

I am using the Holtwinters ExponentialSmoothing and I am getting the following error which appears to be halting my Python code in Visual Studio Code:

“ValueError: use_boxcox was set at model initialization and cannot be changed”

Is there a syntax error in my code below?

from statsmodels.tsa.holtwinters import ExponentialSmoothing
htrain = train[‘Data1’]
htest = test[‘Data2’]
model = ExponentialSmoothing(
optimized=True # Default is True - auto estimates the other parameters using Grid Search
,use_basinhopping=True # Uses Basin Hopping Algorithm for optimising parameters
,use_boxcox= ‘log’ #Boxcox transformation via log
#,smoothing_level= # Alpha
#,smoothing_slope= # Beta
#,smoothing_seasonal= # Gamma