Force a package from @anaconda to @system?

I’ve got the following Message when running a command to run a script to join my schools netowork:

$ sh
Executable `which` seems to be missing, not executable or cannot be located with `which`.

Please install this program using your distribution-specific package manager (e.g. `apt-get` or `yum`).
If this does not solve the issue, you can try editing this script by hand to provide the proper
executable locations, or request your network administrator to contact SecureW2 Support.

The which command seems to be having trouble being ran. Here’s the entry when sifting through my dnf installed:

$ dnf list installed | grep which
Repository WineHQ is listed more than once in the configuration
which.x86_64                                         2.21-32.fc36                        @anaconda

I think I need to make this file a @system file to make the script run like its supposed to, but I don’t know how to force a package to be downloaded from the main OS repo (Fedora 36).

Will it break my system to force this to a @system package?
How do I change which to a @system file?

Are you running on Ubuntu?

Under ‘Software and Updates’ on your system I suggest that you try disabling the ‘ubuntu-wine’ and ‘wine-builds’ and see if that resolves the problem…

See: apt - Error while installing Winehq - Ask Ubuntu

Oh no, my apologies for not including.
I am running Fedora 36 (technically Nobara Project)