Fail to initialize anaconda directory


Failed to initialize Anaconda directories and also have the error fail to run post install script.


Unable to install anaconda and run anaconda navigator.

Have turned off all security, uninstall all python programmes, except for pycharm. Not sure what is the reason.

Please help, thank you.

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dear xianrongtan.

Thank you for posting.
I think the cause is that the server you are using uses Vagrant.

Basically, there is no permission setting in Windows. However, if you have certain software installed on your server, you need to set permissions.

In other words, if you don’t need permission settings on Windows, but on Vagrant, I think it will work if you write permission settings as shared folder mount settings in VagrantFile.

You want to change the permission only for a specific directory in the shared folder.

I don’t know if it’s the correct procedure, but it seems that you can also change the permissions of a specific directory by specifying a shared folder in VagrantFile as follows.
If there is no problem with “it just worked”, please try it. (If you want to use it in a production environment, etc., please check the correct procedure separately.)
I could not confirm the setting method for this example from the manual page.

Regards, you.

Thank you Tanaka for your advice.

Currently I am installing it on my own computer and have not install Vagrant at all. So do not think this is the issue.



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dear xianrongtan.

Thank you for your reply.

It is very difficult to give advice on how to solve the problem with only the information you have provided.

For example, it is unknown whether it is windows10 or Linux (both display 64bit).

At the time of abnormal installation, script errors also appear on MacOS, Windows, Linux, AWS, and IBM Z.

Therefore, the environment of the computer you are using.
For example, if you don’t know Open SUSE LEAP 15.4 or Fedora Linux 35, it’s impossible to give you accurate advice.

If you have a question, please be a little more specific. The installer alone has over a million downloads per year. Since it is difficult to identify, I would appreciate it if you could do so.

Regards, you.

I too received this error on the windows