Exampling of hosting a pyscript server

I want to host a static web sever to host pyscript dashboards.
I have created pyscript .html that I can access on local host.
I have also pipe-cleaned the flow to host a static web server on Azure by following this example:

My goal is to create a page such as PyScript demo
, where I list/host the dashboards.

I wonder whether someone can suggest a few readings/tutorials/user guides.

You have a few options. I find GitHub pages to be a great (free) way of hosting static content, and there’s a handy tutorial here:

The other more recent option (which wasn’t public when you posted your question but has been announced since) is to try out pyscript.com.

It has an online editor for PyScript files and lets you host them in a shareable manner, eg here’s an example:


You can sign up for a free account to try it out.

Lastly if you’re deadset on actually hosting the server yourself then you could use something like https://ngrok.com/ to make your localhost server visible, but this sounds less useful than letting someone else host it (as they’ll keep the server going all the time etc etc)