Dumb question a cms using pyscript good or bad idea

Dumb question a cms using pyscript good or bad idea just wanted to know your thoughts.
Sorry may be a stupid question.

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You have an interesting idea.

For example, I have a WordPress site. I could easily copy each post to be a static file. Then I could write client based Python to fetch the static files and display in the browser. I would basically have a site similar to WordPress but hosted on something like AWS S3.

A company could use WordPress for the editing and plugin features. Then a simple program could be written to copy the individual posts to cloud storage. I am going to experiment with that idea.

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Thanks for your question @Sai_Sai , there are no dumb questions :slight_smile:

It’s an interesting idea. There will probably be some challenges or design choices that will require more thought/flexibility since not everything works “just the same” when running on the browser. Things like data storage and content CRUD will need some thinking but I think it’s an idea that has lots of potential.

Thank you. Yes i think it has an immense potential… a simple cms may be a lightweight django like to start with in case it is possible would be great…

Ah, CMS. Lot of years of my life went into that.

It is indeed a very interesting idea and quite close to one of the “killer app” ideas I was thinking about for PyScript. (I was thinking about a MS Access clone, with a bit of Lotus Notes mixed in.)

With a CMS, people are ok with a big-first-download. It’s an app, not a site. The thing that could make a big difference to your idea: the project that brings SQLite to the browser via WASM.


SQLite (Wasm) is an idea. You will need to create persistent storage, otherwise, the database will be lost on page load.

The pyodide.FS APIs support mounting and syncing the browser virtual file system with IndexedDB to provide file data persistence.

With the FS APIs, SQLite and python, you could create a browser application that is a CMS.

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