Configuring Emacs for Anaconda

I have for years been using Geany as my main source code editor/IDE but lately I decided to have a go at Emacs, an aquired taste, as some would have it.

The info regarding Emacs and Python on the Internet is confusing and it has been a struggle to get even something to work. Pretty much immediately a search would give you the add-on anaconda-mode which you can find here:

However, the instruction to automatically enable it gives an error. I’m running Debian 10 and have posted a thread on their user forum but so far no response. You’ll find the thread here:
As you can see I found a way to enable anaconda-mode once Emacs is started. Pointing to the Anaconda python executable or Ipython was pretty straight forward but setting paths was not. Although the Anaconda bin directory is explicitly pointed out in the Python settings Emacs it is not enough to get Emacs to use Anaconda instead of system stuff. It was not until I started Emacs after having run conda activate in a terminal window that the paths worked. Eventually I found out how to set the paths in init.el from a post on the Emacs Wiki. Things like these are pretty basic I think and one shouldn’t have to spend hours to find out how to do it.

So if anyone can give me some hints regarding Emacs configuration, how to enable anaconda-mode in init.el for instance, and untangle some of the python add-on jungle for me I’d be grateful.

But info is confusing. There are various add-ons and configuration instructions not always clear or working and for an Emacs newbie it’s not easy to choose.

Please also inform me if I’m totally off-topic here and should direct my queries elsewhere.

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dear gostal.

nice to meet you.

Thank you for posting.

This community is also open to users of Anaconda in Linux and BSD environments.

Anaconda is also used by many users who are interested in data science and users who are interested in developing with Python, and it will be very valuable information for use in the Emacs environment.

However, as a problem in recent years, extremely excellent debuggers and development environments such as VSCode and PyCharm are on the market, and information such as Emacs under the FSF depends on the environment of each hacker, so the information is complicated. I think I’m doing it.

If you want to use Emacs, you need to master Emacs Lisp. And I think that he uses Anaconda etc. in the background by using the macro built with it.

In fact, that technique works well with Vi, Vim, and Texmacs. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could ask forums such as Emacs about how to use a different language server in Emacs, and this forum about problems associated with Anaconda.

regards, you.

Thank you for responding and for the advice. Thing is that many sources on the internet claim that mastering Lisp is not necessary but more and more I think that’s not the case.

Point taken regarding forum scope! I appreciate the situation.