Change timezone of conda index

Hi. I am trying to changed the timezone in my local conda repo. I have attempted the following.

  • made sure that my OS time is sync’d with my timezone
  • Apache2’s timezone is set

None of my attempts worked with updating the conda repo timezone.



What timestamp are you trying to change the timezone for? Internally, conda index should be using UTC for all date/time operations.

Hi! I am trying to change the timezone to my local time so that it would be easier for me to determine when a packages was generated. It is confusing sometimes when I have to convert from UTC to my local time. Is there a parameter or an environment variable that I can use to change to my local time instead of UTC?

Are you asking about the output of conda search --info, the timestamp entry in repodata.json, some combination of both, or something else?

I am asking about how to change the timestamp of the packages added to the repo from UTC to my localtime. The timestamp seems to be created by conda index and it is in UTC time.

Currently, there’s no way to accomplish that; conda index records the timestamp in repodata.json as a plain integer, so it has no (easy) way of recording the timezone associated with the timestamp. conda's solver, in turn, needs to be able to simply and reliably compare timestamps, as a fallback when (version + build number) is insufficient to choose between identically-named packages from different repositories/channels.

Thank you, Cheng, for taking the time to answer my question.

Note that while we almost surely will keep using UTC for timestamp storage, there’s no particular reason that conda and its associated commands/tools need to continuing displaying such information in UTC. If you think such functionality will be useful to a group of users, please feel free to open a issue on the conda and/or conda-build issue tracker.