Can I migrate from anaconda2 to anaconda3?

I installed Anaconda2 many years ago on a Mac, and have since created many environments that I still use. The Mac is still working great, but I’m having issues with conda.

  • I can’t seem to update to conda 4.12.0. I’m stuck at 4.8.0.
  • The most recent environment I created won’t activate. It gives the error: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'/Users/username/anaconda2/envs/python_env/etc/conda/activate.d'
  • I can’t seem to update to Anaconda Navigator 2.1.1. I’m stuck on 1.9.12. When I try to launch 1.9.12 I get this error: ImportError: cannot import name Callable

I think the issues are cause by Anaconda2 (I might be wrong). How can I migrate to Anaconda3 and keep my environments working?

You are right - as Python 2.7 is at end of life, there are no longer packages being built for it. This includes new conda releases. I would recommend installing Anaconda3 or Miniconda3 on the same system as your current Anaconda2 installation - but make it your primary default. (Do not remove your Anaconda2 installation.) I believe you’ll be able to use that new installation to manage all your current environments - plus add new ones - and now be able to always have the latest conda and Navigator.