Can a Python environment host C/C++ packages?

I just installed tabula-py into this env I set up especially for this project I am working on. As you might know, tabula-py relies heavily on subprocesses written in Java. The tabula-py module seems to work fine in this regard, but I was not pleased with the results. So I successfully called, from the Python environment, my system’s reference install of xpdf/poppler without doing anything to the env. But I am wondering if it is possible to provide a custom make/install of xpdf/poppler (C/C++) into a Python environment. Any pointers to more information about this, if it is even a thing?

Hi, Doug. Welcome to the Community.

In a very general sense yes, Conda supports C/C++. However, the package must first be built into a conda package.

I see that poppler is alrealy available

In your conda env you can run

conda install -c poppler

I don’t see any evidence of xpdf on, but if you’re interested it’s not exceedingly difficult to create Conda packages and submit them to Here’s how the poppler package is compiled on linux and mac. See the bld.bat file in the same directory for the Windows details.

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Many thanks, that is good to know.