Brotlipy, brotli, and Anaconda

Dear all,

brotlipy does not feature chunk-wise compression, since it only has bindings for an old version of the algorithm – brotli (as packaged by pip) does.
Since I needed the chunk-wise compression, I removed brotlipy on my various anaconda installations, and replaced them by installing brotli via pip.

Unfortunately, on my windows machine with the Anaconda navigator, anaconda became unresponsive after removing brotlipy. It is throwing the following error regardless of what I am attempting to do [1], including attempting to reinstall brotlipy.

I would be happy with a broken anaconda version if I had managed to install pip’s version of brotli. Unfortunately, in my command line, Conda claims that my environment no longer exists, so I cannot switch into it, in order to use pip… none of this was any problem in my ubuntu-based machine…

How can I rectify the situation, other than reinstalling anaconda?

[1]: AttributeError: module ‘brotli’ has no attribute ‘error’