Are there known problems with installing Anaconda on Windows with Cyrillic character set?

I have to teach a course for which the students will need some Python programming. I am using Linux, but students will probably mostly have Windows or Mac. In order to not lose too much time with the setup, recommending for them to installing Anaconda seems the best course of action to me.

Potential Problem:

  • I have heard from a friend that she was unable to install Anaconda because of an issue with Cyrillic characters in the name of the directory to which Anaconda was supposed to be installed (her user directory on a Windows system).
  • Since I do not have a Windows system (and my knowledge about Windows is limited) I cannot verify this problem. I also do not have a Cyrillic character set and, in fact, I do not speak any of the languages that commonly use Cyrillic characters (like Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Russian, etc.). However, some students might.
  • A Google search did, unfortunately, not turn up any results. This leads me to believe that either this problem is extremely uncommon or Anaconda is not commonly used with Cyrillic character sets. Unfortunately, I do not have the means to verify the problem as explained above.
  • Since some students might be from those countries, they might run into problems like this, should they exist.

In order to avoid any such issues before the course, I wanted to ask if there are any known issues with Anaconda and Cyrillic character sets. Are there?
If so, are there any easy solutions that are documented somewhere?

Any answers or comments on this are appreciated. Thanks.