Anaconda silent install as System in Windows 11

Hi Team,
I’m testing a silent install of Anaconda 2023.03 on Windows 11 clients using an endpoint management system (HCL BigFix in this case) which runs the installer as System, and I’ve run into an issue: the installer doesn’t appear to run unless someone is actually logged into the PC.

The PowerShell command I’m using to launch the installer is:
start-process “\Anaconda3-2023.03-Windows-x86_64.exe” -argumentlist “/InstallationType=AllUsers /S /D=C:\Anaconda3” -wait

It doesn’t appear to be a problem specific to running the command using BigFix (which runs as the local System account); if I’m not logged into the PC and run the command as System, the installer never launches. If I log in as any user and run the same command string, still as System, the installer launches and completes silently and successfully.

I need to be able to run this installation off-hours, without having to log into each workstation; any information you can pass along to help resolve this issue would be appreciated.

Thank you!