Anaconda in FarManager command line

Such a question: how can I use the Anaconda command line in FarManager? In other words, I want to be able to use libraries and packages installed in Anaconda through the Far Commander and have the environment name in the command line.
At the moment, I can use python via anaconda in Far command line, but I’m not sure if I’m switching environments that I created in anaconda. when running the “conda info” command it shows the following:
active environment: None

and also there is no asterisk symbol near the environments names.

Can anyone help me understand why I am encountering this error and provide guidance on how to resolve it? Any suggestions on configuring the environment variables or paths correctly would be greatly appreciated.

Triyn to follow this article, but since I’m new in that area, it looks like I need a small assistance

Thank you in advance.

here is the list of my environments.
I installed python 3.9 to the py39 environment, but for some reason it shows up Python 3.10