All useful tags list

It will be great to have a list of all useful new tags and their basic definition/usage listed.

  • py-button
  • py-list
  • etc…

We are still working on documentation, and the project as a whole is moving very rapidly. You are quite right that this list would be useful, and specific examples of how to use each, but for now please see the examples, as the latest features will tend to appear there first.


From the source code, I can see that at least the following are available:

  • py-box
  • py-button
  • py-title
  • py-inputbox
  • py-register-widget

Where can I see the specific usage of these tags?

I did a quick search of the javascript file and it looks like it shows the following as some of the tags…


customElements.define('py-script', PyScript);
customElements.define('py-repl', PyRepl);
customElements.define('py-env', PyEnv);
customElements.define('py-box', PyBox);
customElements.define('py-button', PyButton);
customElements.define('py-title', PyTitle);
customElements.define('py-inputbox', PyInputBox);
customElements.define('py-register-widget', PyWidget);
const app = new App({
    target: document.body,

Go to this link and you can see it at the end of the js file.

Hope that is helpful. I was looking for some of the same info. Now I’m looking into what extent I can work with these tags.