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  • Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
  • Data Engineering
  • Package Builds
  • Performance and Optimization

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I’d like three subcategories (is that the term? I’m not quite sure how categories are organized) in this category:

  • “How do I?” - This is a broad category where people can talk about how to approach different problems and get ideas. (“Should I use Pandas or Dask?” “How should I detect outliers in a time series?”, etc)
  • “Performance and Optimization” - I think this is a category some of our OSS experts can hang out in to help people make their code go faster. We get asked about this a lot at conferences.
  • “Working in the Cloud” - This is where we could talk about how to access cloud storage and do analysis in the cloud.

@Stanley_Seibert I’m curious, how do you feel about “How do I?” being in the “Getting Started” parent category? I think that might be good to get users started and could be used for more simple questions, as a beginner may be less likely to look into a “Technical Topics” category

I like Performance and Optimization, that’s a good idea.

We do have the “Cloud & Containers” category in Product help, are you thinking of something different?